Circumcision Information

In this section of our website, we offer as much information as we can to help patients and parents understand fully the circumcision process. It covers:

The Different Circumcision Procedures

Covering the different procedures we use depending on the age of the patient.

Principal Methods

Much greater detail on the different methods of circumcision – those we use at the clinic and others we prefer not to.

Benefits of Circumcision

There are significant health benefits of circumcision, we list some of them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We cover off all the practical questions asked by patients and visitors to our clinic.

Aftercare for Babies and Young Boys

We give you all the information you need to look after younger patients post operation.

Glossary of Terms

To help you understand some of the terms used by doctors and medical staff when referring to circumcisions.

Patient Questionnaire

We request all patients fill out a questionnaire post operation so that we can continue to deliver the best possible care and keep a keen eye on our service quality.