Circumcisions for Male Adults

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Private Adult Circumcision

Whether you have a medical need, religious requirement or would like remedial (redo or revision) surgery, we hope you’ll choose the largest, dedicated circumcision clinic in the UK. With flexible times and trained specialists and urologists all within a private clinic, you can be sure of the utmost discretion and care.

The benefits and risks for circumcising a man are well under control as we have years off experience. Jewish and Islamic uncircumcised males are welcome and can contact us to have a private conversation.

A Flexible Package to Suit Your Needs

For all men, a pre-operative consultation is required, which can be arranged for the same day as the operation. Consultation is free if circumcision is done on same day. The full service includes:

Circumcising a man

  • Consultation with your surgeon to discuss and agree requirements
  • Operation arranged in specially dedicated clinical facilities
  • Aftercare consultation with the surgeon and a 24/7 emergency service should it be needed

About the Forceps Guided Method

For adult male circumcisions we use the forceps guided, sleeve or free hand method. We perform the procedure with subcutaneous stitches and skin glue for older children and adults. This is the preferred method by many as there are less suture marks seen in the skin.

This procedure is done under a local anaesthetic and patients are comfortable immediately after the procedure and can travel home as soon as the surgeon has had a post-operative check.

Glue will slough off within 10 days and stitches dissolve in 2-3 weeks’ time

Benefits of Forceps Guided

In our clinic the Forceps Guided or Sleeve Resection procedure takes only a short time for maximum patient convenience. Discomfort is minimized by the use of a local anaesthetic. The use of dis solvable stitches or glue means there is no need for a return visit or Doctors appointment unless requested.

Skin Glue (derma+flex®)

We are now offering skin glue as an alternative to sutures. This method of skin closure has significant advantages in terms of postoperative pain and faster recovery. Please enquire for more details

About Our Clinics

We specialise in male circumcision, so not only are you assured of the best possible care, but will also be treated by doctors with many years of experience.

All our Doctors are specially trained in best practice to circumcise men of all ages. They are either Urologists or G.P.s and are all registered with the GMC.

Circumcisions are performed in a private clinical environment, registered with the Care Quality Commission, ensuring the best of care.


Your staff were very professional, the clinic clean and welcoming. You were very reassuring both before the procedure and on Day 6 when I called with a concern. The Plastibell did fall off the very next day.

The scar looks neat and I will certainly be recommending your clinic to my patients who express an interest in circumcision.

Dr. Sadaf H
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