Here are questions we frequently hear from patients and parents

Q: What is the best age to get a child circumcised?

For infants the best time is soon after birth, at the age 2-4 weeks. The advantages are that the procedure is easy to carry out using the Plastibell or Circumplast ring method and most importantly, the recovery is very quick. However we can perform circumcision at any age at our clinic. Some clinics can only perform circumcisions in babies, however, we can perform circumcision on babies, children & older boys.

Q: Will I get adequate after-care information?

Yes. You get a pack that includes all of our contact details, a leaflet on how to care for your son, a prescription for Fucidin cream and tips that will help your son heal as quickly and healthily as possible. If you have any other questions, you will have access to our experienced staff, 24-hour emergency line and you can always come in for a follow-up. Everything mentioned is included in the cost.

Q: What is the recovery time?

This depends on age, with recovery times increasing the older the child gets. Typically for infants the ring comes off, along with the excess foreskin, within a week. For young boys this takes around a week or slightly longer. For older boys, it usually takes around two weeks for the ring to come off.

Please remember that once the ring comes off there is usually another 1-2 weeks before the circumcision site fully heals.

Q: Is the procedure safe?

Circumcision using the Plastibell or Circumplast method is a minor procedure and we only use equipment that is sealed, sterile and suitable for single use.

We always monitor audit our procedures to achieve the best outcomes for all children. Our specialists travel internationally in order to remain up to date with the latest innovation in circumcision so that our practice can be as safe as possible.

Registered with the Care Quality Commission the centre has carried out over 20,000 circumcisions so you can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands. Our senior doctors have performed over 4000 circumcisions individually. They follow very strict guidelines as set out by the General Medical Council, The Royal College of Surgeons, The Royal College of General Practitioners, The Medical Protection Society and The Medical Defence Union.

We operate in a safe clinical environment and we take the clinical care and post-operative care that we provide for all our patients very seriously. We carry out regular audits and have recorded very low complication rates. We do not provide a home circumcision service as we do not believe this is the correct way of carrying out this procedure. Our audits since 1991, have shown persistent low rates of complications. By carrying out all the circumcisions in a clinic-based environment we can continue to provide low complication rates.

We take great pride in our services, particularly with the welfare of our babies, children and adults and provide a 24/7 aftercare service.

Q: Are parents allowed to be present during the procedure?

Unfortunately, we do not allow anyone into the operating room, this is due to our Infection Control policy. But don’t worry, as your son will be back with you in around 15 minutes.

Q: Do we provide Redo or Revision surgery?

Re-do circumcisions (also called remedial circumcision) are often carried out because the foreskin has not been adequately removed at the initial (primary) circumcision. Other reasons for re-do circumcision may be dissatisfaction with the scar from the first circumcision.

Rarely, a child circumcision is not cosmetically neat & parents are understandably anxious about this. Sometimes the circumcision has been carried out abroad & not to UK standards. If you are worried about this, please get in contact with us as we can help. We are a centre of excellence & other circumcision clinics will refer patients to us for correction Redo or Revision surgery.

Q: Does my son need time off school?

From our experience, we would recommend 2 weeks off school. Mature children who can avoid impact activity in school may attend even before the ring falls off. Most schools are usually understanding; however, we can provide a note explaining the need for rest if the school requests further evidence.

Boys need to avoid any physical activity such as football, climbing, swimming, running etc. for 4-6 weeks from time of operation.

Q: Can I, or my son, see a doctor before committing myself to a circumcision?

Yes, certainly. For adults the consultation fee is £100 and for children it is £50.

Q: Do you treat non-UK residents?

As we are close to a busy International Airport, we see many people from different countries, from adults to boys with their families. Many come to us to benefit from the most advanced treatments available. Most have taken advantage of the low-cost air fares offered by budget airlines to take a short holiday as well as visiting our clinic.

Q: Which operating procedures do you use?

We use the Forceps Guided method for older boys and adults and the Plastibell® or the Circumplast® procedure for younger boys and infants.

Q: Can revision operations be carried out to ‘tidy-up’ earlier bad circumcisions?

Yes, but a consultation will be needed at a nominal cost of £100 to discuss the decision prior to the operation

Q: I have a very tight section of skin that attaches the underside of my glans to the foreskin and prevents me from fully retracting my foreskin. Would circumcision cure this?

Yes. We generally recommend that this skin (see Frenulum and Frenulum Breve in the Glossary) is also removed during circumcision.

Q: Are there any hidden charges?

All the pricing of our packages is inclusive, so you will not pay anything more on the day. The costs are directly related to the age of the patient. These will be sent to you in a personalised email once you fill out an enquiry form. If you prefer, you can call us direct on 01582 561 999 to discuss your requirements.