Circumcisions for Boys

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Benefits of Circumcision For Boys

At the Thornhill Circumcision Centre we offer a dedicated clinic catering for males of all ages. We do circumcision for boys from infant to a young age.

We offer the best possible service for those seeking a professional, high quality and good value service. We choose the best methods of circumcision based on the age of the patient.

Our prices offer much better value for the same level of service you would receive from any other clinic.

Unlike unqualified medical staff, or even a family member, our doctors and surgeons are trained and experienced
in performing this sensitive operation.

Circumcision Services in the UK

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission meaning that we have passed all the necessary quality assurance checks. This confirms that we offer the best possible care to all patients and family members.

We offer a pre operative consultation for all patients and families. On the day, we take all parents and patients through the procedure and explain what is going to happen.

Following on from the operation, we offer post-operative support through our website. We have an on call doctor helpline and email address to assist anyone who would like to ask further questions and raise any concerns.

There are no other clinics in the UK offering this kind of service. Which is why we receive visitors from all over the world.

Please book soon to avoid disappointment.

Priority Service - Due to Covid Restrictions, Please Enquire

The Priority Service Package has proved very popular amongst our patients and their families when they have visited us at the Circumcision Centre. Families who wish to take advantage of this service will receive all the benefits of the standard service, but additionally:

  • Priority treatment
  • Choice of day and time (subject to availability)
  • A private waiting room with refreshments
  • The private preparation room to themselves
  • A (post operative) private consultation with the doctor for the family

All our patients whether priority or prime will receive post-operative support and a 24/7 helpline to respond to any questions or concerns following the operation Including a 24/7 emergency service for your son and a complimentary aftercare package.

Priority packages start from £250. If there is still space on the day, then you can book on your visit, but please note that this is a 'first come, first served' service and availability is limited.

About Our Clinics

We specialise in male circumcision, so not only are you assured of the best possible care, but will also be treated by doctors with many years of experience.

All our Doctors are specially trained in best practice to circumcise men of all ages. They are either Urologists or G.P.s and are all registered with the GMC.

Circumcisions are performed in a private clinical environment, registered with the Care Quality Commission, ensuring the best of care.


friendly and
professional service for
boys and men of
all ages

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Your staff were very professional, the clinic clean and welcoming. You were very reassuring both before the procedure and on Day 6 when I called with a concern. The Plastibell did fall off the very next day.

The scar looks neat and I will certainly be recommending your clinic to my patients who express an
interest in circumcision.

Dr. Sadaf H

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