The Importance of Experience in Adult Circumcision


How an Experienced Doctor Makes all the Difference

img_30_03The Thornhill Circumcision Centre are experts in different methods of circumcision such as sleeve, sutureless (Glue), free hand, forceps guided method, stitches, dorsal slit, revision, redo circumcision, preputioplasty and frenuloplasty (release/division of a short tight frenulum which causes the head of the penis to tilt down during erections also called “frenulum breve.”). The surgeon can discuss the characteristics of high and low cut, tight and loose cut types of circumcision.


A local anaesthetic is injected into the base of the penis and all around the shaft of the penis with a single injection, but 2-3 jabs. This provides safe and effective pain-relief during the operation. This is used as the sole form of anaesthesia around the wound and the patient is not put to sleep during the procedure.

This minimises post-operative pain as well for 1 hour. The entire foreskin is removed using an incision just behind the head of the penis. This leaves the head of the penis completely exposed permanently.

Alternative to Circumcision

There are alternatives to full circumcision, such as excision of frenulum, V-Y plasty operation called preputioplasty, frenuloplasty, partial circumcision or medical treatments.

These are personal preferences and can be discussed further with our specialist surgeon.