Here are some good reasons to choose The Circumcision Centre


Since September 1999, we have provided a modern solution to the problem of finding qualified and experienced doctors to carry out circumcisions on males of all ages.


Our Doctors are trained specialists and in total have recorded over 50,000 circumcisions. They use the latest techniques to ensure the least possible trauma for adult men, as well as neonatal, young and teenage boys.


We provide full counselling and aftercare services 24/7 for the well-being of all patients, parents and families.


For people who are undecided about circumcision, they can arrange a consultation appointment with one of our consultants, with no obligation to having the operation. A nominal charge of £50 for children & £100 for adults.


For patients coming from Scotland, Ireland and overseas, budget airline travel is really convenient with an airport located only minutes away from our clinic.  Please ask about accommodation as special rates are in place for our customers at a local hotel.

For Doctors…

Since our launch, our innovative approach has proved an outstanding success. Therefore we are looking for Doctors interested in working with us to further expand our clinical services. For details, please send your details to us.

Please note:

The Circumcision Centre offers services for both religious and non-religious male circumcision requirements.

Some Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Circumcision

FACT 1. The first evidence of circumcision comes from early Egyptian wall paintings that are more than 5000 years old.

FACT 2. In 1948 in the UK around 20% of boys, were circumcised shortly after birth.

FACT 3. About 1% of patients of The Circumcision Centre are Doctors sons.

FACT 4. We have now recorded over 50,000 operations.