Circumcision Procedures and Recommended Methods

PlastiBell ® or the new Circumplast®

Perfect for Younger Boys

The doctors in The Circumcision Centre are vastly experienced and use the patented PlastiBell® device (made by Hollister Incorporated) and the new Circumplast® (made in Australia) for circumcising young boys and babies. This procedure, developed in the USA, is quick, straightforward and virtually pain-free for your son.

Forceps Guided

The Best Procedure for Older Males

For older sons and adult men, where a PlastiBell® or Circumplast® may be too small, the ‘Forceps Guided’ method of circumcision is normally used. The expertise of our doctors ensures that trauma and extended recovery time often associated with this operation is minimized. Read more about this procedure.

We are now offering skin glue as an alternative to sutures. This method of skin closure has significant advantages in terms of postoperative pain, faster recovery and no stitch marks. Please enquire for more details.
Supporting Information

If required, more details on these and other methods of male circumcision may be found by reading our More Information pages.